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Happy Halloween, everyone! This next admission may get me kicked out of the sewing blogger club forever, but here it goes: I didn’t sew my kid’s costume this year. In fact, I bought this FBI costume that’s made out of the worst polyester on the planet. And it turns out my boy won’t wear it. So he went to our church Halloween party dressed in his glow-in-the-dark skeleton pajamas. As a mother, I’m calling it a win. As a sewing blogger, maybe this falls short. But, you have to roll with the punches, right?


Anyway, on to the main event for the day. As of right now you can subscribe to The Creative Domestic via email. This means that every single post published on this space can be delivered straight to your inbox, no blog feed readers or Facebook updates necessary. Basically, you can cut out the middle man here and cut to the chase.

To sign up for email updates, click here. And don’t worry—I won’t use your email for anything nefarious. There’s nothing spooky or sinister about emails full of fabric and sweater knits and cake baking, right? Right. You can also sign up on the sidebar to the right over there. Don’t forget about the other places you can connect with The Creative Domestic: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are all full of the bits and pieces that go into this creatively domestic life I love.

So, happy Friday and happy Halloween–have a lovely weekend, and I’ll see you in November! (And remember, that next post I publish can go straight to your inbox!)

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