Creative Domestic – vintage: the triumphal skirt

Oh, readers. I actually did a lot of sewing-related stuff this week. But all of my projects were in the beginning phases, meaning they were basically unbloggable. I’ve traced and trimmed five patterns, and cut out five more. So this week is primed for actual stitching time. However, all this prep work means that I haven’t had much to post. So I thought that today I’d showcase one of my earlier projects. We’ll call it Creative Domestic – vintage.

I made this number in fall 2011. I’d found this beautiful wool-lycra blend that wasn’t so easy on the wallet, but it had to happen. It has this fine mustard/brick plaid that is perfect for fall. I used it to sew a skirt variation from Simplicity 2758.



What makes this skirt triumphant is the invisible zipper. I recorded my first invisible zipper experience here, and it was, to put it lightly, a nightmare. I ended up crying in frustration and about swore off of zippers forever. On this skirt, however, I installed the invisible zipper on my first try and didn’t cry once. It was basically a miracle.


And I got the plaid to match up pretty close, so double miracle. I think maybe this gorgeous stretch wool has magical properties. As you can see, the patch pockets are a little wonky, and my hook closures on the waistband have some funk, but really, when I made this it was the best thing I’d ever made. And those funny parts aren’t enough to prevent me from wearing this skirt three years later. So, winner.


The construction of the skirt is pretty straightforward. The front has an inverted pleat with an underlay, and I remember feeling particularly accomplished when I pulled that off. And it’s not that an inverted pleat with an underlay is so difficult, but the result was especially impressive to me at the time. And you know what, today I still find the result impressive. This skirt was made in my pre-serger days, so the edges are all finished with a simple zigzag stitch, and really, that little detail just adds to the beginner flavor of this project. What I really love about this skirt is how much I still love it. It took me plenty of work, sweat, and tears (all literally) to get to the point where this simple skirt could turn out the way it did, and I just feel really proud of it, even now.


And a side note, today I brought those 13-year-olds in Sunday School chocolate cake, because while they may not care about a high-low peplum top, what teenager can’t be won over with home-baked goods? My grandma used to bake for her teenage Sunday School classes, and if it was good enough for her, then it’s certainly good enough for me. So, chocolate cake it is. Now, I can’t come bearing layer cake every Sunday, but I can pull out all the stops every once in a while.

I promise, promise that I’ll have some new projects to showcase soon. And perhaps this Creative Domestic – vintage project can inspire you to try that invisible zipper one more time. Because eventually it will work. And when it does, angels will sing, especially if you’re lucky enough to find the perfect, plaid stretch wool.

***Specs: This is a version Simplicity 2758, and sewn up in either a size 8 or 10. (I can’t remember and don’t want to search through my patterns to find out.) I used the magical wool-lycra blend that fed through the machine like a dream, even when my machine was a dinky Singer. This skirt may have been one of my first hand-stitched blind hem projects as well, though I can’t remember. And yes, the inverted pleat with an underlay is a lovely and not-too-difficult detail that I still love to this day.

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    Hi there! I nominated you for the blog hop today. The questions are included in my blogpost today.

    Also, I really enjoy this skirt. I love those pockets!

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    Sorry but I forgot to say that I tried to email you as well but it said it “permanently failed.” I’ll try again but wanted to include it in a comment just in case!

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