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exciting blog news!

Happy Halloween, everyone! This next admission may get me kicked out of the sewing blogger club forever, but here it goes: I didn’t sew my kid’s costume this year. In fact, I bought this FBI costume that’s made out of the worst polyester on the planet. And it turns out my boy won’t wear it. […]

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the rainy-October shirt

For all four Octobers that I’ve been living in Oregon, the weather has been exemplary: plenty of bright, crisp days that encourage a jacket and the park. This year–my fifth Oregon fall–October has been rainy. Really, really rainy. But here’s a not-so-secret-secret: I love it. I need to defend my rain-love often, because how often do […]

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the contest entry jacket

The past couple of weeks here in the PNW have been almost continuously rainy and stormy. Personally, I love this weather, though many of my friends hate it the same way I loathe summer heat. While I do have current projects to post about, the weather has made the photo end of this blog difficult. (But […]

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the jewel-toned juxtaposition

Once fall hit I knew that I needed a fall Mabel (or five). I wanted something neutral enough to go with anything, something that I could wear twice in a week and not get weird looks. While shopping for some fabric for some children’s projects I stumbled on this Ponte de Roma at JoAnn, and […]

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my first creative love (aka, a blog hop)

The other day I opened my email to see a message from Andrea who blogs at Evolution of a Sewing Goddess. She nominated me to answer some blog hop questions, and I must say that I am flattered. I first stumbled on her blog back in the spring during the Colette Patterns Albion jacket contest/sewalong. […]

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