we have a winner! plus a meandering list

We have a giveaway winner! Karrie Smith commented that she’d like to learn how to install zippers–a popular answer! Once you practice a bit, zippers aren’t daunting anymore. Promise. And Stitch by Stitch is a great place to start your instruction! If you’re not Karrie, you can head here to buy a copy of your own. I promise you it’s worth your money. Thanks to everyone who entered–I really loved reading all of your responses and am already looking forward to the next Sew Bookish giveaway!

dress forms


This week has been another hot one in Portland, and as a result my sewing room is lonely more often than not. I am determined, however, to pump out another project or two before I leave on vacation in a week. Though I haven’t been doing much actual sewing, I have done some reading and some list-making and some sewing project planning.

:: After reading this and this, I’m convinced I need a crinoline.

:: This afternoon I hope to whip up a muslin for this dress and then tomorrow hope to sew it for real.

:: Colette Patterns is having a sewalong for the Myrtle dress starting on Monday! Head here to check it out.

:: I never thought that I’d be interested in making my own swimwear, but Devon from Miss Make has me second guessing myself. I mean, that’s adorable.

:: Last night’s episode of Project Runway is calling my name, and this week is the unconventional materials challenge. Do you have a favorite designer yet this season?

:: The other day I was researching sewing classes in the Portland area and stumbled on Portland Sewing. I’m dying to take their entire patternmaking series. My most immediate task is to rob a bank for the tuition.

Is your sewing area too hot for sewing? For your sake I hope not. We actually had a huge thunderstorm last night, and so currently the sewing room isn’t making me sweat buckets. I need to seize the day! Congratulations again to Karrie for winning the Stitch by Stitch giveaway–I know you’ll just love learning from this book. And to all of you, happy weekend!

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