sewing space overhaul

My sewing space was out. of. control. Like, a constant explosion of fabric scraps, pattern pieces, interfacing, marking pencils, stray zippers, a hem marker, hidden pins, and a zillion threads. I’m embarrassed to even explain to you how much of a disaster this small, small space was. And yet I’m still going to show you the before.


See what I mean? It was hardly workable, a veritable death trap.

So when I found out that my sister Sarah was coming into town, I knew that this was my God-given moment to get my act together. She was supposed to sleep in this room, and in the state it was in, that was not even a possibility. So our first stop after the airport was IKEA. Obviously.



I finally bought that rolling cart in aqua that every single sewing blogger in the universe seems to have, and I tacked on some cardboard storage bins while I was at it. Then it was time to face the sewing room head on. Sarah kept me company while I sorted thread and trashed old receipts and cleared a pathway through all the tiny thread remnants littering the floor.




Now this space is so much better than it was. I mean, seriously. Turning the table to the window was perhaps the biggest improvement next to the aqua cart. The room is so much more open. And on top of it all, I cataloged my fabric stash and organized the closet.



Don’t you feel like this spaced is just primed for creativity? Yes, it will most certainly be a mess when I start my next project, but it won’t be such a disaster. I feel like I can finally breathe in here. (You know, if you pretend that isn’t a human oven in the summertime.)



I’m headed to Denver next week and plan to schedule a couple of posts while I’m away. And when I come back I will have more fabric to add to my stash and some serious fall sewing to get to! Happy weekend!


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