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the dressy-yet-casual, goes-with-everything skirt

I have a couple of reasons for my absence most of this week. First, remember that bug that Asher and I caught over the weekend? My husband, Josh, succumbed to its ills just as Asher and I were recovering. So. Think lots of Gatorade and supportive Netflix watching. Second, Portland has been in the middle […]

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the silliest craft I’ve ever made

My son and I got a stomach bug over the weekend that pretty much rendered us useless. Thanks to my husband, we are back up and running at not-quite-full speed. ¬†What my sick days mean for you is that unfortunately I do not have any floral shorts to show off today. I’d so desperately wanted […]

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the fizzled firework dress

So I found red-striped knit and made my Fourth-of-July dress. (Though I didn’t end up wearing it on the Fourth, because the forecast for the Oregon coast was just a little too cool for justifying a breezy dress on a breezy, 60-degree beach.) I featured it in my Knitcation entry and wore it on the […]

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when a seamstress goes shopping for clothes

I could talk about fabric shopping all day. And I could go fabric shopping all day. That could happen, people. Easy-peasy. Shopping for clothes, though, are a different matter entirely. Since I started sewing clothes for myself, I’m so much more selective about what I buy ready-to-wear. Yes, I enjoy walking into a store and […]

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the 3 secrets of cake baking

Let’s talk about cake. Cake intimidates. But it doesn’t mean to. It’s just that since the ’50s when box cakes became a thing, homemade cake got this¬†image. You know, people started thinking that baking a cake using flour and eggs and butter and a hand-mixer was for only the Mrs. Cleavers of our world. But […]

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