when you lose your shears

It’s true. I lost my sewing shears. A week ago last Monday I used them for a quick project downstairs, and I haven’t seen them since. I enlisted my husband’s help to find them, and we searched everywhere: in between couch cushions, under the couch, under the bed, under the mattress, in the sock and underwear drawers, in the linen closet and pantry, behind books in the bookshelf, in the garage, everywhere you’d never expect them to be–everywhere. And nothing. The frustration at losing such a key sewing tool was inevitable no matter the shears, but the fact that these shears used to be my grandma’s made this whole ordeal worthy of some crying. 

After we searched the house high and low for those lovely Gingher shears, I waited a few more days to see if they’d turn up. And they haven’t. So I accepted their fate and ordered some new ones. They’re the same ones I had before, but not. Because the shears the postman will drop off today come from Amazon, not from my grandma’s sewing basket. This whole rigmarole also means that I haven’t been able to do any sewing all week long.

So, when you lose your sewing shears and can’t cut out any new projects, you channel your creative efforts into your home. After finishing the life-changing home decor book, I found my motivation for home improvement increased ten-fold. And I finally tackled that accent wall in the dining area.

When we moved in to this home a year ago we convinced our friends and family to help us paint almost the entire interior. I purposely painted this one wall a creamy white and had plans to hand stencil a diamond design and fill it in with coral paint. It only took me a little time stenciling to realize that this was not going to pan out. So I quit, and the wall has sat there unfinished for almost a year. My ideas for how to make my diamond wall a reality morphed over the months, and then this week I finally buckled down and got this done. Supplies: lots of tape, a laser level, a pencil, paint, a roller, a paintbrush, a good audiobook, and lots of patience.


I spent a couple of naptimes this week measuring and leveling and marking where the tape should intersect on the wall. Then I spent the next couple of naptimes actually putting the tape on the wall. (Do other mothers measure time in naptimes? Because I definitely do.)

Around 10:00 p.m. last night I decided to paint. (And maybe that’s a little masochistic, but I knew that my new shears would be arriving the mail today and that I wanted to spend today’s naptime sewing–finally.) So I cut in around the edges with a paintbrush and then used a roller on the rest of wall. I read in several places online to take the tape off as soon as you’re finished so that the paint doesn’t dry to the wall and the tape. After five minutes of peeling tape and getting my hands even more painty, I had my diamond wall.



I love it. I really do. I have a few places where I’ll need to go and touch up, because the tape didn’t stick down all the way. But I think it really makes the space seem so much more intentional. And that’s what I what from the spaces in my home–intention. Over the next little while I’ll be putting up some wall art, which will include a large chalkboard if everything goes to plan. For now, though, the paint supplies are back in the garage, I have my diamond wall to enjoy as is, and I have some new shears to break in on another naptime-Mabel– this time
in stretch lace.

Stay tuned. Obviously.

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  1. Jerusha
    Posted June 20, 2014 at 4:57 pm | Permalink

    I love, love your wall! I need to finish decorating my girls’ room before I move onto the living room, but I’m impatient and want to start and not figure out girls’ room decor. But one room at a time, or no room will ever be complete. I’m so sorry you lost your grandmother’s shears. Tear-worthy indeed. I have my grandmother’s sewing box. She wasn’t much of a sewer (that’s my mom), but she had so little to give away when she died, I’m grateful my mother passed the box onto me.

  2. Holly
    Posted June 20, 2014 at 6:01 pm | Permalink

    It looks awesome! And I totally measure time/projects in naptimes.

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