the Knitcation contest: my homebody staycation

I have something to confess: I’m boring. What? you say. Someone who loves cake so much can’t possibly be uninteresting? Well, it’s true. And here’s why: travel isn’t my thing. I’ve never been stricken with wanderlust. I don’t have a Pinterest board dedicated to places I want to go. (Though I do have one dedicated almost solely to free fonts.) I have a passport only because I needed one to go on our honeymoon cruise to Mexico, and even that isn’t stamped. Whenever I do travel it’s almost always domestic, and it’s almost always to see family. Rarely do I ever travel for the sake of travel.

So when Colette Patterns announced their Knitcation contest–a contest wherein you use their two new knit patterns to orchestrate a seven-day vacation wardrobe to the location of your choice–my first thought was how much I love to vacation at home. I know.

portland oregon sign

I thought about designing a trip to New York City to visit my brother- and sister-in-law (a trip Josh and I might very well take in the fall). I also considered making up an itinerary for a second honeymoon to Maine (a place we seriously considered and went instead with the cruise gift from my in-laws). And then there are the handful of European destinations I think would be worth leaving my home for. But everything ultimately came back to home. So yes, you may think it banal, but it’s honestly the most authentic contest entry I could submit.

(My only real reservation about this staycation concoction of mine is that it’s in Portland, Oregon, which also happens to be home to the Colette Patterns headquarters, and I cringe at being thought of as a brown-noser. So.)

My staycation knitcation wardrobe has four knit staples: two Mabel skirts and two Moneta dresses. I came up with seven outfits for a week-long staycation in which my parents and siblings come to visit me. And because I like to make lists, with each outfit I included a list of things we’d do that day. Let the staycation begin!


Pearl District

Knitcation day 1(2)

{red striped Moneta with tie collar and strappy wedge sandals for added flair}

Thinking realistically I’ll be picking up my people from the airport on this day. We’d cruise right through downtown Portland and pull off on Everett Street, right in the heart of the Pearl District. Powell’s City of Books is an obvious priority here.



Knitcation day 2{khaki Mabel, pale pink lace blouse,and flat sandals with some needed metallic bang}

Vacation days with my family are pretty low-key. So on a day like today, we’d hit up the outlets mid-morning, grab a delicious sandwich at Country Grains on the way home, and spend the rest of the day napping, reading, watching a rom-com, and maybe venturing out to the park so the boy can play. Feel free to sprinkle this entire staycation with stops for fountain drinks.



Knitcation day 3

{gray jersey Mabel, coral bird tee, and pink patent leather flats}

Tillamook is just fun. You guide yourself around the factory, take the requisite cheese bus pictures, and round off the trip with taste testing the squeaky cheese. After this we’ll head north along the coastline and settle in Cannon Beach for the night.


Cannon Beach

Knitcation day 4(2

{floral interlock Moneta, denim jacket for when the wind kicks up, and those lovely metallic sandals for when I’m not walking on the beach}

What is there to say about Cannon Beach except that it’s lovely? And every single time I’ve been to the coast, the weather has been ideal, so we won’t have to worry about pounding rain when you have me around! I could walk up and down the coastline for miles and finish off the day with fresh fish and chips from the Ecola Fish Market. And we simply can’t leave until I get my Nutella-banana crepe from that crepe place. You know the one. (Or maybe you don’t. That’s why I’m here to staycation with you.)



Knitcation day 5

{khaki Mabel, white wraparound blouse, styling snakeskin print slingbacks, and a coral statement necklace to pull the whole thing together}

My family and I are Mormons, and nothing is more lovely than spending time at the temple. The LDS temple in Portland is located in Lake Oswego in this beautiful winding neighborhood, yet you can still see the spires from the freeway. This temple has a remarkable visitors’ center staffed with full-time missionaries to show you around the grounds and answer all your questions. It’s a beautiful place. We’d certainly make time to attend one of the temple’s worship sessions. (And whichever of these vacation days is a Sunday, we’ll be going to church on that day as well!)


hermit day

Knitcation day 6

{gray jersey Mabel, eyeglasses tee, and the pink patent leather flats in case I actually had to leave the house}

Of all these staycation days, the hermit day is perhaps the most telling of how seriously I take being a homebody. When I’m on vacation or staycation with my family, we do actually plan for days to stay at home. We wear comfy clothes (and seriously, these Mabels are a step away from pajamas), bake, eat peanut butter cups, browse Pinterest together, and watched queued up shows on the DVR. It’s homebody, introverted bliss. And I am determined to get a day of hermitage during my staycation.

Alberta street

Knitcation day 7(2)

{red striped Moneta with tie collar, those lovely metallic accented sandals again, and a denim jacket to shake things up}

Our last day of staycation will be a delightful one. Alberta Street in northeast Portland is just so Portland. It’s quirky, full of countless local shops, and chock-full of amazing eats. The surrounding neighborhoods are also fun to explore if you have the time. On this journey down Alberta Street, we’ll park the car, pull out the stroller, and wander. We must check off a couple of fabric and yarn stores (hashtag obviously), but we can play everything else by the seat of our pants. I may have to insist that we grab a scoop (or three) of ice cream from the Salt & Straw before I resignedly drive my people back to the airport. But since this whole staycation is fabricated, then my family will never ever leave. So!


Thanks for coming along on my homebody staycation in Portland! This was a delightful project to put together, and with the forecast predicting hot temps this week (you know, Portland-hot, not Phoenix-hot), you can bet that these clothes are in my wardrobe queue. I’ll be writing up another post or two about a couple of the specific garments I made for the contest. Happy Knitcation!

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  1. Sonia
    Posted June 29, 2014 at 11:35 pm | Permalink

    I loved your floral interlock moneta. Such talent.

  2. Linda
    Posted June 30, 2014 at 9:50 am | Permalink

    I want to be picked up at the airport please! Sewing together should be added to the knitcation :-). Love that you’ve found the part of you that is your sewing self. I’d also add a trip to Dusty String shop for a harp fix. But that’s only my idea of vacation…. Thanks for sharing. Love, L.

  3. Susan
    Posted June 30, 2014 at 10:10 am | Permalink

    I love that you love to sew. I especially like your dresses and that you have a fashion flair. Staycation and family sounds good to me. Time is precious.

  4. Posted June 25, 2015 at 2:59 am | Permalink

    Thanks for finally writing about > the Knitcation contest: my homebody staycation < Loved it!

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