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foiled florals and some improvising

Would you believe that I’m still blowing through tissues like a madwoman? This bug of mine has gotten uncomfortably cozy, and I’ve been battling to pretend like I feel normal. I’ve hardly touched my sewing space this week, because when I have a quiet moment I usually crash on the couch with some Office reruns in the background instead […]

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when I didn’t buy fabric

I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect red cotton knit for a 4th-of-July dress. I’m thinking something red/white with a solid white tie collar. For this particular project, I have a vision. I found some good red knit options on, but couldn’t help wondering if something perfect perfect wasn’t still out there. I really wanted […]

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the you-should-be-napping-yourself skirt

I have been battling this monster cold/cough all week. Saturday I didn’t get dressed until after noon and hardly did my hair and makeup. Most of the day I was lying prostrate on the couch or the floor while my toddler played around-slash-on me. When I put the boy down for his nap, I should […]

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the beginning

When I had the idea to start a sewing blog, the title came to me effortlessly: The Creative Domestic. I thought, Boy, that has some flair to it! The more I thought on it, though, I started to feel insecure about my assertion. Because the thing is that I’m not June Cleaver. I may love that vintage […]

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