#idhtbptbb: it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful

I finished a life-changing book the other day. Technically it’s home decor book, but really it’s a life book. And maybe it’s even a sewing book.


{The Nesting Place: It Doesn’t Have to Be Perfect to Be Beautiful, by Myquillyn Smith}

Myquillyn, the author of this book and the woman behind the blog The Nesting Place, emphasizes that imperfections can be beautiful and rewarding. And I can’t help but apply that counsel to everything.

Nothing I’ve sewn has ever been perfect. Some of my projects have turned out well, some really well, and others not well at all. But even some of my more imperfect garments are still beautiful. On this skirt I had to do some serious fabric maneuvering to get those stripes to match up, and in the process I made the grain pretty wacky. And the zipper in the waistband is pretty much falling apart. But I love this skirt, and I wear it. And sometimes I even get a few compliments on it.


 The neckline facing on this blouse is a little wonky and takes a little persuasion to lie flat. In other words, it’s imperfect. Yet I wear this blouse and I feel pretty in it. So the imperfections really don’t matter, because this garment serves its purpose.


When I shirred the skirt for this dress and attached it to the bodice, I didn’t quite catch all the elastic in the seamline. So if you look closely you can see some serged elastic peeking through. But you want to know something? It doesn’t matter, because it’s my dress and I like it, peeking elastic and all.


Our clothes, like our homes, exist to serve us, and not the other way around. So be intentional with your wardrobe, whether sewn or purchased. And when you sew garments–especially when they’re for yourself–don’t get caught up in the imperfections. Like any seamstress I can appreciate a well-installed zipper and a beautiful seam finish. Yes, I place high value on a garment well made; and yes, I place high value on learning how to construct garments skillfully. But I can’t get lost in the quest for perfect sewing, because then I lose sight of what makes sewing so wonderful–intention, purpose, and beauty.

You can find Myquillyn’s life-changing book here. Treat yourself. You won’t be sorry.

This post is not at all sponsored–I just really, really loved this book.

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